Whale & Dolphin Watching Tour in Trincomalee

The Whale & Dolphin Watching Tour is a circa three hours trip in the blue waters of Trincomalee. Under the guide of an expert boatman you will sail the Indian Ocean in a comfortable, safe and brand new boat. Usually in the morning the ocean is calmer and you can enjoy its fresh breeze. During the day the temperature gets much higher and only short boat trips are recommended. Therefore, for an optimal experience, our tour is scheduled at 6:00 AM. You will need to get up a bit early, but this magical adventure will compensate your effort. Although whales and dolphins can be spotted in the whole Trincomalee, we prefer the secluded area of Nilaveli for our tours. Less touristic and crowded, it has a beautiful exotic beach we recommend to visit. Nilaveli is located north of Trincomalee with Pigeon Island just in front of it. We will pick you up at your hotel and will drive you by tuk-tuk to the departure point. Blue Whales, Sperm Whales, Bryde's Whales, Spinner Dolphins, Striped Dolphins and other beautiful mammals can be encountered in their natural habitat. Sometimes you can see pods of Bottlenose Dolphins, which blows are louder compared to other dolphins. In rare occasions Killer Whales, Dwarf Sperm Whales and Rough-Toothed Dolphins will reveal their presence. The ocean is full of fish and frequently you can see fish schools jumping out of the water. The Spinner Dolphins are the most common cetacean species of Trincomalee. Their pods are often observed following Yellowfin Tuna fish. By using the highly visible pods of Spinners, local fishermen take advantage to locate and catch the Yellowfins. Whale watching is not an exact science and it is difficult to predict the precise species that we will see. However, thanks to a combination of local knowledge and seasonality you will be guided to the areas you are most likely to find these incredible cetaceans. Our goal is to make your experience unique and enjoyable. We accept only a limited number of customers per trip, so you will not be waiting in long queues to get on your boat. A minimum number of two customers is required to confirm the trip. If you are a solo traveler and you are the first person to book the tour, your booking will be put on hold. It will be confirmed, via email, as soon as the next customer makes the same reservation. In the remote case, the minimum number of requested participants has not been reached, you will be promptly contacted and offered alternative options.

A complimentary breakfast will be served at the end of the tour. Therefore, if you want to visit Pigeon Island in the same day, we recommend the tour scheduled at 10:00 AM. This way you will have enough time to enjoy your snacks and to get some relax before the new trip.

• Opening period: February 1st - September 30th
• Daily Departure Scheduling: 6:00AM
• Number of participants: Min 2 - Max 6
• Departure Point: National Park Ticket Counter - at the beach of Anilana resort
• Estimated duration: Min 2h - Max 3h depending on where mammals will be encountered

• All boat fees and taxes
• Round trip tuk-tuk transfer*
• Water and soft drinks*
• Typical Sri Lankan snacks (vegetable roties, fresh fruit) and black tea served at the end of the tour*

* The package including tuk-tuk transfers, breakfast, water and soft drinks is a special offer valid ONLY for online bookings with us. If you book through other channels please make sure to double check the services you are being quoted.